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AlNiCo round bar visual sorting machine

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Equipment introduction
The magnetic rod visual sorting machine is a fully automatic testing equipment for the screening and classification of aluminum-nickel-cobalt magnetic rod products through CCD visual inspection system. The system can screen the length and diameter dimensions of AlNiCo round rods of various lengths and diameters, and screen the appearance defects on both ends of the product. Through sample calibration, the software automatically sorts qualified and NG products.
main feature:
1. The vibrating plate is automatically loaded with a soundproof cover to reduce noise.
2. The device adopts touch screen type man-machine interface and PLC automatic control system. The touch screen operation is placed on the front of the device.
3. The equipment is equipped with an industrial computer, and the monitor of the computer uses a 21-inch liquid crystal display.
4. The equipment is equipped with organic exterior lighting. The external lighting is fluorescent and manual.
5. The vacant part of the frame around the equipment is sealed with a detachable guard. Parts that need to be opened frequently, use the opposite door.
6. Four receiving troughs are distributed on the side, corresponding to qualified, end face defect NG, size defect NG, and no judgment product receipt.
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The main technical parameters:
1. Input power: ~AC 220V 50HZ
2. Power supply access power: 1KW
3. Dimensions: 1000*830*1920 (width * depth * height) (unit: mm)
4. Machine weight: 250KG
5. Product beat: 120 (P / min)
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