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Automatic ABS magnetic ring single pole charging integrated machine

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fully automatic ABS magnetic ring filling and checking machine is a fully automated equipment for magnetizing and detecting the ABS magnetic sealing ring industry. The equipment uses advanced computer software, imported PLC, high linearity and high stability Hall element sampling processing technology. The system can automatically magnetize and measure the magnetic distribution of various ABS magnetic products and automatically determine its polarity. The magnetic flux distribution waveform of the magnetic product, the magnetic field parameters of each pole, data calculation and analysis are automatically completed by the computer. X-Y coordinates and polar coordinates can be drawn. All measurement data, curves and test reports can be printed, stored and displayed by computer.


main features

l  It integrates automatic material reclaiming, magnetization, testing, qualification judgment and material cutting. It is easy to operate and frees labor.

l  The device is divided into three working modes: pure manual mode, manual loading mode, automatic mode, suitable for different customers and productionsproduct usage requirements.

l  High magnetization accuracy, programmable magnetization technology.

l  Imported PLC, high linearity and high stability Hall element sampling processing technology.

l  The software is easy to operate and the information is displayed accurately.

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l  Input power: ~AC 220V  50HZ

l  Power access power: 2KW

l  Compressed air: 0.6Mpa;

l  Vacuum vacuum: -0.085~0.096Mpa

l  Dimensions: 1200*1100*1910 (units of mm) (without warning lights), the weight of the whole machine: 500KG.


magnetization Part

l  Magnetization: Single-stage magnetization

l  Magnetizing beat: 15s/time

l  Product Type: Plane/Circle

l  Product size specifications: OD & phi; 35-& phi; 100 (unit: mm)


test section

l  Test location: Plane/Circle

l  Magnetizing beat: 10s/time

l  Product specifications: OD & phi; 35-& phi; 100 (unit: mm)

l  Magnetic field measurement range: 0-1000Gs

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