Wheel hub unit ABS testing machine
轮毂单元ABS测试机 900x900
轮毂单元ABS测试机 900x900
Wheel hub unit ABS testing machine
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Overall dimensions; Lifting bracket; Traction training;
Product Description
  • product description:

Detect the relevant parameters of the first, second and third generation active and passive ABS wheel speed sensors of automobile wheel hub bearings, and compare the measured values with the set parameters to judge whether the product is qualified.

  • Main structure and function

1. The equipment adopts a single-station arrangement, the outer ring pressing and holding device is installed on the upper plate of the equipment, and the flange positioning and rotating device is installed on the lower plate;

2. The outer ring pressing and holding device is driven by a cylinder, and the flange rotating device is driven by a servo system;

3. Configure the computer to collect the sensor signal and process the display;

4. The speed of the servo motor can be freely set;

5. The servo motor is driven to rotate at a specified speed, and the output signal of the sensor is detected, and the computer analyzes and displays the detection signal;

6. It can meet the detection of active and passive wheel speed sensors;

7. Set the safety grating in the operation window of the device. Except in the manual state, the safety grating is in the protection state, and the sound and light alarm is only carried out in the automatic cycle. At this time, if a person or object intrudes into the operation window, the equipment will be reset urgently to protect the safety of people and equipment. When the equipment is in the shutdown state caused by the safety grating during the automatic circulation process, it must be reset manually, and the equipment will restart from the starting point;

8. In the position where the workpiece needs to be placed on the equipment, a photoelectric switch is installed to identify the presence or absence of the workpiece and for the interlock of the automatic control system. When there is no workpiece on the equipment, the operation of the start switch is invalid;

9. Misoperation and error prevention: When the equipment is in the automatic cycle state, it must be carried out according to the designed operation process. Otherwise, the device must work again from the starting point after manual reset;

10. When the equipment is shut down due to a fault, the fault triggering information must be eliminated after the fault has been eliminated, and the equipment can be restarted only after manual reset;

11. The positioning and fixing of the fixture adopts a quick-change structure;

12. The measured ring gear, magnetic encoder, and wheel speed sensor 1. Speed: 45rpm—1500rpm; 2. The inner or outer ring rotates; 3. The measurement direction of the measured ring gear and magnetic encoder: radial and axial

13. Resistance value: 0—3KΩ;

  • The main technical parameters:

1. Applicable products: first, second and third generation wheel hub bearing active and passive wheel speed sensors, including ring gear and magnetic sealing ring

2. Product size:

2.1 Inner diameter size: φ15—φ60mm

2.2 Outer diameter: φ50—φ160mm Width: 15~150 mm

3. Measurement parameters:

  3.1 Items that can be measured by active sensors (Hall sensors) include:

  1. Number of teeth of ring gear or magnetic seal
  2. Magnetic induction (mT)
  3. Starting torque: (<10N.m)
  4. Rotational torque: (<10N.m)
  5. working frequency(Hz)
  6. power on current(mA)
  7. Maximum power-on current(mA)
  8. Minimum power on current(mA)
  9. Power off current(mA)
  10. Maximum power off current(mA)
  11. Minimum power off current(mA)
  12. Rise time (us) Fall time(us)
  13. Single pitch error: % (repetition accuracy: 1%)
  14. Cumulative pitch error: % (repetition accuracy: 1.5%)
  15. Duty Cycle: % Current Ratio (Max/Min)

3.2 被动式传感器(线圈式传感器)可以测量的项目包括:

  1. Number of teeth of ring gear
  2. starting torque: (<10N.m)
  3. Rotational torque: (<10N.m)
  4. working frequency(Hz)
  5. Voltage Maximum Peak-Peak(mV/Hz)
  6. Voltage minimum peak-to-peak(mV/Hz)
  7. Voltage Maximum Peak-Peak(mV)
  8. Voltage minimum peak-to-peak(mV)
  9. rms value(V)
  10. Voltage ratio
  11. Amplitude percentage
  12. Single pitch error: repeatability 1%
  13. Cumulative pitch error: repeatability 1.5%
  14. Sensor Static Resistance (Ω)

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