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Very large capacity magnetizer

Product number
Product Features
Intelligent magnetization
Applicable Products
A variety of high-coercivity magnetic materials and devices are magnetized
Typical models:
MZM-30160K/P, MZM-30240K/P, MZM-40160K/P, MZM-40300K/P
Suitable range:
※ High coercivity large size neodymium iron boron material magnetization ※ Magnetic material such as large size samarium cobalt is magnetized
※ Magnetization of large NdFeB materials for wind turbines ※ Magnetic separator magnetic magnetization
main feature:
1. Based on the original charging/demagnetizing power supply technology, the latest generation of microchip control technology is adopted. The machine interface is combined with a touch screen and hardware buttons. The design is specialized and easy to operate.
2. Intelligent security protection function: intelligent protection for power on, power off, sudden power failure, capacity switching, etc.
3. Added administrator authority, function mode, fault shutdown, real-time monitoring of charge/demagnetization fixture temperature, flux reservation function, with dedicated magnetizing coil (or fixture), widely used for NdFeB and ferrite Magnetization of magnets and devices.
4. Three-phase balanced constant current charging technology has minimal impact on the power grid during charging and fast charging.
5. The device has the parameter setting administrator authority function to prevent the operator from changing the magnetizing parameters.
6. The capacity can be switched and the capacity display is displayed; the magnetization count: has the function of accumulated magnetization counting.
7. Real-time monitoring of magnetizing fixture temperature: The touch screen displays the real-time temperature of the magnetizing fixture. When the temperature is higher than the safe value, the power supply automatically alarms (the built-in temperature sensor of the magnetizing fixture).
8. The digital voltmeter and the pointer voltmeter are simultaneously displayed, the charging voltage is directly set, and the discharge current is displayed.
9. Interface with magnetizing trigger and charging completion signal output, which is convenient for subsequent automation equipment.
10. Select the primary capacitor and SCR. for 10 million durability tests.
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