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Gauss meter

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Product Features
Measuring magnetic field strength
Applicable Products
Measuring the surface remanence, space of magnetic materials/devices
Product introduction:
Gauss meter is a special instrument for detecting the magnetic induction of magnetic field, and it is one of the most widely used measuring instruments in the field of magnetic measurement. The MZ-302 digital gaussmeter is a portable digital Gauss meter based on a 32-bit high-performance ARM microcontroller that can be used to measure the magnetic induction of various magnetic fields such as DC magnetic fields and AC magnetic fields. The instrument can be carried around, the measuring range is wide, the operation is convenient, and the liquid crystal display is clear. There are peak hold, mT/Gs unit switch, button clear, range switch and other functions. The power supply is only a 9V battery. In addition, it is equipped with a regulated power supply that can be directly connected to the mains.
1. Sensor interface 2. LCD display 3. Clear button 4. Peak latch 5. MT/Gs conversion 6. Power interface 7. AC/DC conversion 8. Switch button 9. Range switching
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The main technical parameters:
Range: 0~200mT~2000mT
Basic error: ±2% ±3 words (below 1000mT)
    ±5% ±3 words (above 1000mT)
Resolution: 0.01mT, 0.1mT
Display mode: 4 1/2 LCD display. N pole and S pole display when measuring
Display unit: mT or Gs
Magnetic field to be measured: DC magnetic field (static magnetic field), alternating magnetic field (dynamic magnetic field)
Ambient temperature: 5 ° C ~ 40 ° C
Relative humidity: 20%~80% (no condensation)
Power supply: 9V battery, external 9~12V DC power supply