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Medium magnetic sheet (epoxy) automatic marking plus spacer magnetizing machine

Product number
Product Features
Magnetization, code marking, automatic addition of spacers, discharge
Applicable Products
ength 16~40mm, width 10~25mm
Product introduction:
The medium-epoxy magnetic sheet automatic marking and spacer magnetizing integrated machine is a fully automated equipment for automatic magnetization and spacer integration of the scratch-resistant material on the surface of the neodymium iron sheet. It is used for the feeding of medium-sized magnetic steel in the range of [16*10*4~40*25*17mm], coding, adding spacers, magnetizing, and orderly discharging. It integrates the vibration plate feeding, belt feeding, coding, adding spacer, coil magnetizing and chain discharging. It can effectively improve efficiency and reduce labor and management costs of enterprises.
The main function:
Ø Main functions: magnetization, marking, automatic addition of septum, discharge;
Ø The pass rate of magnetization is over 99.5%;
Ø Diversified products can adapt to different specifications of magnetic disk;
Ø Efficient and stable, easy to operate, greatly reducing labor costs;
Ø Parts are made of high-quality materials to protect the product from scratches (applicable to epoxy-plated non-scratch products);
Technical Parameters:
Ø Applicable products: square magnetic steel with length of 16~40mm, width of 10~25mm and thickness of 4~17mm (medium specification)
Ø Beat: 28~36 pieces/min;
Ø Discharge length: 180mm--295mm (8-10 pre-stored)
Ø Dimensions: 5000*1000*1600 (unit mm)