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Multi-dimensional magnetic distribution detection system

Product number
Product Features
Measuring the magnetic field distribution of various magnet surfaces
Applicable Products
Magnetic materials or devices such as neodymium iron boron, ferrite, plastic magnetic
Equipment introduction:
The device consists of a mechanism platform, a Hall probe automatic moving device, a product mounting rotating platform, and a control host system. The surface magnetic field distribution of various magnet products (such as NdFeB, ferrite, plastic magnet, etc.) is automatically measured, and each test parameter and magnetic field distribution curve are displayed on the computer in two-dimensional or three-dimensional form. The specific measurement size of the device is large, the detection speed is fast, and the data acquisition accuracy is high. It is suitable for R&D analysis and product quality inspection of large-size servo motors, new energy automobile motors, generators, elevator motors, linear motors, etc.
main feature:
1. The product quality is evaluated by two parameters: magnetic performance and magnetic pole width, and the reliability is high;
2. Main measurement parameters: pole number, maximum value, minimum value, angle, width, area, average value, cumulative deviation, etc.
3. With data comparison, storage, recall, printing and other functions;
4. With multi-segment test, qualified product judgment function;
5. Automatically detect the zero sector starting point;
6. With laser ranging function, the test gap between the probe and the test product can be set, and the software controls its movement and adjustment;
7. Adopt precision Hall probe, no measurement dead angle, with two types of probes: hard and soft.
8. Longitudinal and lateral measurements are available.
9. Test waveforms can be displayed in 2D or 3D 3D waveforms for user analysis and research;
10. High-speed rotation measurement function: with a rotation test speed of up to 400 rpm;
11. High speed and high acquisition accuracy: with data acquisition accuracy of 120,000 / lap;
12. With a single loop 6 seconds detection speed, suitable for batch inspection of products;
13. Ultra-long and oversized measuring range: It meets the linear test of 1 meter, the rotation test of 350mm in height and 300mm in height, and can withstand the weight of the product within 25KG.
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