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Large magnetic sheet automatic magnetizing magnetic flux shifting machine

Product number
Product Features
Magnetizing marking magnetic flux binning
Applicable Products
Width 40~65mm; Height: 40~100*H15mm
Product introduction
The large magnet magnetic flux magnetic flux binning machine is mainly developed for the automatic magnetization, magnetic flux detection and sorting, inkjet printing, manual cutting function of NdFeB large-size square and tile-type magnetic blocks, and the corresponding work is adjusted. Positions and replacement fixtures are available in a variety of sizes. Greatly reduce labor costs and improve product quality, achieving high efficiency and automated production of the entire process. Widely used in elevator motors, servo motors, wind turbines, electric vehicles, magnetic separators and other manufacturers that need large NdFeB magnets.
main feature
Ultra-precise measurement with resolutions up to 0.1μV.s
Simultaneous measurement of magnetic flux, magnetic moment, and magnetic field strength measurement
One-button automatic drift adjustment, no drift when measuring
Built-in USB interface for connection to computer software for data logging, storage and analysis
The test results can be divided into seven output or PASS/REG-HI/REG-LOW
Ten sets of coil parameters storage (five sets of planar coils, five sets of Helmholtz coils)
Flux meter 4.7-inch LCD monitor with touch screen control, LCD monitor can display the last 100 test results data
Built-in SD card interface for real-time recording of measurement result data
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Rated voltage: AC220V/50HZ ±10%
Rated total power: 3KW (without magnetizing power supply)
Working pressure: 4~6 kgf/cm2 (kpa)
Capacity: 10~13 seconds/piece;
The size of the magnetizing coil: 70*110*H100mm;
Main functions: magnetization, flux detection, coding marking, flux splitting, orderly cutting (manual plus spacer)
Staffing: 1 line configuration, including loading, magnetization testing, receiving, packaging
Equipment size (L*W*H): 3000*2000*H1900mm (without warning lights);
◆Magnetic part
Magnetization method: coil magnetization
Magnetizing beat: 8s/PCS
Product Type: Rectangular Disk, Tile
Product size specifications: length L40-L100mm; width B40-B65mm; thickness H4-15mm;
◆Magnetic flux detection part
Test device: Helmtz coil, MZF-401 fluxmeter
Test beat: 4S/PCS
Magnetic flux test range: -1V.s~1V.s
◆Unloading part
Cutting device: magnetic sheet splitting table
Splittable position: 5 files
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