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Epoxy medium magnetic sheet automatic magnetic flux shifting machine

Product number
Product Features
Magnetization, flux detection, spacers, flux binning
Applicable Products
Length 20~50mm, width 10~25mm, thickness
Product introduction
Epoxy magnetic sheet magnetizing magnetic flux binning machine is mainly for neodymium iron boron large-size square type automatic magnetizing, magnetic flux detection, plus spacer, magnetic flux binning (fourth gear), two short sides forming surface spray The code and manual receiving functions are developed, and the corresponding stations and replacement fixtures can be applied to various sizes. Greatly reduce labor costs and improve product quality, achieving high efficiency and automated production of the entire process. Widely used in elevator motors, servo motors, wind turbines, electric vehicles, magnetic separators and other manufacturers that need large NdFeB magnets.
main feature
l powerful, simple and efficient
l Ultra-high precision measurement with resolution up to 0.1μV.s
l Simultaneous measurement of magnetic flux, magnetic moment, and magnetic field strength measurement
l One-button automatic drift adjustment, no drift during measurement
l Built-in USB interface can be connected to computer software for data recording, storage and analysis
l Test results can be divided into seven output or PASS/REG-HI/REG-LOW
l Ten sets of coil parameters storage (five sets of planar coils, five sets of Helmholtz coils)
l Flux meter 4.7-inch LCD monitor with touch screen control, LCD monitor can display the last 100 test results data
l Self-contained SD card interface for real-time recording of measurement result data
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Applicable Products
a, the difference between the outer dimensions of the spacer and the magnetic piece: <±2mm;
b. Thickness error of the spacer: the deformation degree and the flash edge of the thickness dimension less than 20%.
c, thickness and size requirements of the spacer and the magnetic sheet: the thickness of the spacer is 4-10mm;
d. Other product sizes that are not within the specification range need to be confirmed according to actual conditions or after partial modification.
e, different specifications of product adjustment methods: 1), magnetic sheet feeding belt positioning plate manual adjustment. 2) The magnetizing detection station moves the suction cup to replace or adjust. 3), the diaphragm vibration feeding system is manually adjusted. 4), flux shifting the suction cup and the spacer gripper replacement or adjustment. 5), manual adjustment of the sub-tracking track.
1. Control mode: PLC+ industrial computer automatically controls, and records the number of magnetization, magnetic flux and other parameters.
2, production efficiency: [magnetization + flux detection + plus spacer + flux binning + coding): 7 ~ 9 seconds / film
3. Magnetizing coil: The magnetizing magnetic field needs to be ≥3.5T; the cooling method is water cooling and equipped with temperature switch.
4, different specifications of product adjustment methods: A, spacer vibration plate flow path manual adjustment. B. Vertical flow path (according to product thickness) is manually adjusted. C. The lateral magnetizing flow channel (according to the length and width of the product) is manually adjusted; D, the upper and lower positions of the magnetizing coil can be adjusted by 50mm.
5. Fault alarm prompt: When the equipment fails during the working process, the alarm light flashes. At the same time, the touch screen will have the position of the flow subtitle prompting the fault, which is convenient for quickly discharging the fault.
6. Automatic circulating magnetic flux detection function: manually place the qualified product on the conveyor belt. After the product reaches the designated position through the conveyor belt, the station moves the robot to grab the magnetization in the magnetizing coil, and then the robot is sent to the Hai. The magnetic flux is detected in the MHZ coil, and then sent to the receiving robot by the belt, and the spacer (vibrating plate is loaded) is automatically added, and the processing robot will process the processed magnetic piece (including the spacer) according to the measured The magnetic flux value is placed in the corresponding flux position, and the receiving file informs the manual receiving after the material is full, and the entire piece of magnetic steel (including the spacer) is manually placed on the conveyor of the printing station from the receiving file. After automatically detecting the N/S pole direction of the magnetic sheet, the magnetic sheet is printed by the coding area, and the person inserts the entire piece of magnetic steel into the package after the completion of the coding. Realize automatic magnetization, magnetic flux detection, add spacers, press the high, medium and low grades of magnetic flux, and then press the set number or length to receive materials, spray code, and continuously cycle.
7. Safety function: It must have mechanical and electrical safety protection functions to avoid accidents and reduce losses.
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