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Magnetizing machine working principle

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1.Workingprincipleofconstantcurrentmagnetizer: Theconstantcurrentofthedirectcurrentinthecoilcausesthecoiltogenerateaconstantmagneticfield.Suitableformagnetizationoflowcoercivitypermanentmagnetmaterial
1. Working principle of constant current magnetizer:
The constant current of the direct current in the coil causes the coil to generate a constant magnetic field. Suitable for magnetization of low coercivity permanent magnet materials.
Second, the working principle of pulse magnetizer:
In the coil, a large pulse of a large current is generated, causing the coil to generate a transient super-strong magnetic field. Suitable for high coercivity permanent magnet materials or complex multi-pole magnetization. It is widely used in the production and application of permanent magnet materials. It is suitable for the magnetization of various permanent magnet material parts and components, such as: aluminum nickel cobalt series, ferrite series, rare earth permanent magnet series, etc., with high efficiency and reliability. The equipment has no special requirements for the power supply configuration of the work site, and it is convenient and flexible to use.
Specifically, the capacitor is first charged with a DC high voltage and then discharged through a coil with a very small resistance. The peak value of the discharge pulse current can reach tens of thousands of amperes. This current pulse creates a strong magnetic field within the coil that permanently magnetizes the hard magnetic material placed in the coil. When the magnetizer capacitor is working, the peak value of the pulse current is extremely high, and the performance of the capacitor to withstand the inrush current is very high. The structure of the magnetizer is relatively simple. It is actually an electromagnet with extremely strong magnetic force. It is equipped with iron pieces of various shapes as additional magnetic poles to form a closed magnetic circuit with the magnet to be charged. When magnetizing, additional magnetic poles are arranged, and The magnet is filled, and as long as the excitation current is applied, the brush can be completed in an instant.
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